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About "Near as I Remember"

Why did men (and women!) become soldiers during the Civil War? What did they eat and wear? How did they deal with the stress of being apart from their homes and loved ones, and facing battle, wounds and death? What did they do for . . . fun? Let "Near as I Remember's" knowledgeable and entertaining talks transport you to that distant era of America's past!

Who is Rob Stone?

I took up the hobby of Civil War re-enacting over 25 years ago. I portray a typical Yankee (i.e., Federal) infantryman. A deep knowledge of American social and military history, combined with participation in dozens of battle re-enactments, have equipped me to educate others about this crucial time.

Who will benefit from "Near as I Remember"?

My first-person talks can be adapted to meet the needs of a spectrum of audiences. Middle school or high school classes; colleges and universities; Civil War round tables and history clubs; social clubs; private and business events; parties: all these will find "Near as I Remember" an enlightening and informative experience.

Available Programs

The Civil War Soldier's Life

In camp the common soldier faced disease, bad food and the rigors of army discipline. On campaign he learned to "rough it," paring his possessions to the essentials.

What I Recall: Writing it Down

In diaries soldiers recorded their hopes, adventures and fears. Letters exchanged between soldiers and home were key to maintaining morale in both places.

Making Sense of it All: Poetry & Song

Throughout history war has been chronicled in verse and lyrics. See how these art forms were employed during the Civil War.

"The Years Creep Slowly By": The Home Front

As sons, husbands and fathers went to war, their families also dealt with harsh new realities.

"Grub's up!": What Soldiers Ate

The armies worked hard to supply their men with sufficient rations. But when it came to acquiring nourishment, troops often had to be inventive - and crafty!

"Ready; Aim; Fire!": Civil War Infantry Weapons

The common soldier's weapons evolved throughout the war, as did their use. NOTE: This talk includes the display of firearms.

Available Programs

"Seeing the Elephant"

A slice of one crucial engagement is emblematic of how many soldiers experienced the confusion and terror of battle.

Winter Camp: A Soldier's Christmas

With the onset of winter armies left the roads and battlefields. Learn about what they did to pass the winter months in camp. 

The Soldier's Clothing and Personal Equipment

What was the Civil War soldier's clothing like? What equipment did he carry on the march, in camp or in battle? What items would he refuse to be without?

Motivations for Going to War

What were the reasons that men - and not a few women - entered the ranks of North and South to fight in the Civil War?

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